Toby Stauss
  • Having problems with motivation for my final project.
  • Working on my 3D modeling backgrounds for my webpage.
  • Character Drawings done for Final Project, they look good.
  • Final Project is to stressful.
  • New monitor is HUGE, bought for school work(haha).
  • Moving out at the end of October, need to start looking for a place to live.
  • Will Starcraft 2 ever be released.
  • FFXI is looking more and more dead, hoping for FFXIV beta soon.
  • Joined KHAOS raiding guild on Daggerspine. Stuff actually dies.
  • Look for new pictures and a new background for the website soon.
  • About time to Update, its been 9 months.
  • Taking PHP/MySQL, seems to be pretty easy so far.
  • The Art of Listening is so boring.
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